Our Denomination

The 183rd Synod of the RPCNA (June 2014)

The 183rd Synod of the RPCNA in Marion, Indiana (June 2014)

Since our inception in 1834, we have been happily affiliated with the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA).

WHAT IS “REFORMED”? — We are “Reformed” in that we adhere to distinctly Biblical principles of doctrine and worship. These principles were most clearly set forth during the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century and its further development in the 17th century. Our spiritual forefathers include John Calvin, John Knox, the English Puritans, and the Scottish Covenanters.

WHAT IS “PRESBYTERIAN”? — We are “Presbyterian” as regards our form of church government. In accordance with Scripture, each local congregation elects its own ruling and teaching elders to oversee them in the Lord. These local elders then participate in higher courts of appeal known as presbyteries, which are responsible for training and ordaining teaching elders (i.e. pastors). Each year, our presbyteries unite together to form a synod, which is our broadest and highest court of appeal.

bannerWHAT IS A “COVENANTER”? — As Reformed Presbyterians, we have historically been known as “Covenanters.” This is because of our conviction that Scripture calls individuals, churches, and nations to express their faith, obedience, and loyalty to the Triune God, through Jesus Christ, by way of covenant (Ps. 2:10-12; Jer. 50:5; Rom. 10:9-10).

WHAT ABOUT NORTH AMERICA? — The RPCNA presently has 96 congregations in three countries (U.S., Canada, and Japan), organized into seven Presbyteries, with a total membership of around 7,000. New opportunities for global ministry may also be on the horizon in India, Pakistan, Latin America, and elsewhere. Sister RP denominations exist in Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and South Sudan. Domestically, we hold membership in the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council.